Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just to Play

I do not remember the day I was born,
Like most of you, I just remember being warm,
Next to my mother and her fur,
A new life and joy to her.

Then I think you hand a fantasy,
To have me with you, because it was fancy.
They took me away when I was just two months old,
Crying and scared, away from her fur,
I was sold to you, apparently, you were better than her.

I do not deny you pamper me well,
But only when you want to,
When the the clock of life is not ringing its bell,
When it is convenient in your knell.

I am supposed to comfort you when you get lonely,
Just the way I feel without my parents’ company,
And I just expect the same from you,
Foolish me! You only play with me when you want to.

All other times, I should just sit and admire,
Your undying thirst for a worldly desire.
It makes you lonelier, and the more you need me,
For I am your best friend, whether or not I want to be!

You chain and discipline me, I should behave the way you want,
A soldier in your army, obeying your command and what not.
Have you ever wondered if you were taken away;
From your mother – just to play!
Then never given back, because I enjoy being with you,
A toy, a status, a pseudo idea in protecting and loving you.

Have you ever thought when you come home;
I have been lonely,
Dying to be warm with my mom and dad,
But you are tired and I should understand,
Be happy with the left over food you had.

Do not pretend you love me,
It is an insult to love,
To take away a two-month old baby,
Someone’s new born,
Then treat them the way you wish; at your sole pleasure,
And leave them on the street, if you wanted something better.

I hope you don’t ever have to live without your parents,
But I am a dog and who cares about my feelings,
You are human and get to play with someone’s life,

I am a dog, and that ends the matter!

1 comment:

  1. And I used to wonder while reading the poems by william blake; are there no such legends in the world anymore?
    Thank you for shedding the burden of another question from my life.