Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Letter To Our Daughter

If we can tell you what fear is,
But not what to fear.
If we can buy open land for you to run,
Than build a house with luxury. 
If we can cancel meetings,
To make it for your dance in the rain.
If we can show you the good in the world,
But caution you of the bad,
And then let you experience both,
Trusting you to make the right choice.

If we can let you get hurt,
But be there when you are in pain.
If we can let you love and lose,
And then make you believe in love again.
If we can judge you and your choices,
But restrain ourselves from interfering.
If we can just let you be.

If we can not burden you with our own expectations,
But let you chase your own dreams.
If we can learn from your experiences,
And be friends with your friends.
If we can provide all the comfort,
But not let you take it for granted.
If we can give you a hundred reasons to be there for us when we grow old,
But not to expect you to be.
If we can show you the beauty of creating two homes,
And not just care about us when you are married.

If we can not bind you in traditions,
But make you understand their fragrance. 
If we can grieve with you at a loss,
But instill the hope of a brighter tomorrow.
If we can provide you with everything you want,
But remind you to earn it.
If we can buy you new shoes,
But remind you of a man with no feet.
If we can make you believe in your destiny
And the lines on your palms,
Yet show you that even those without hands have a future.

If we can be your friends,
Yet maintain the distance,
If we can earn your respect and affection,
Than demand it.

If we can be all of this and more,
We hope you will enjoy life,
And not just succeed.
We hope you will remember, we tried,
At being good parents, 
And may be you will be a proud daughter.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Was The Road Not Taken?

It was one of those late evenings,
When you are tired of the concrete around,
The hollowness of towering skylines.
When you sign out of electronic availability and go to the woods,
The same woods, which throughout childhood had remained lovely, dark and deep.

I wondered whether Dear Robert had thought it through,
Or felt, just as I do, about the road not taken.
Whether taking the one less travelled by was important because it was courageous?
Or because it made him successful?
Or because he just enjoyed being different?
Of all the picture he painted, I wondered if he had succeeded in being successful,
Yet lonely, because of the road he chose.
For only a few took it.

Then what of love? Of relationships? Of family?
The warmth of a conversation with a friend,
The comfort of a hug after a rough day.
Is it so important to take the road less travelled by?
Is it truly success, when all you can do is buy things you don't need, to impress people you don't like?
Are the promises really worth being kept, if there are none to care?
Why go miles before you can sleep, if a dance in the rain can bring you back to life?

May be the road less travelled by, was grassy and wanted wear for a reason.
May be the difference it made, wasn't enough for most people.
May be it isn't so important to be so different,
Fly high above all, achieve every season,
May be it is important to just see the woods,
Lovely, dark and deep,
Tread the road often travelled by,
Without the promises,
The need to succeed.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Time of Your Life

One day we will find ourselves between the cross hair of sacred and sin,
Looking back on our lives full of joy, or just an empty din.
We would have walked miles, hand in hand, with our friends,
Wondering if it would have been different, if we would have trusted them.

Some will smile and some will weep,
Some will forever with regret sleep,
Asking themselves if they were really alive,
Or just died everyday hoping to live.

There will come a time, when the judgment will be passed,
With morality and culture, duly sentenced to be thrashed,
For there is no greater sin, than to just do what you feel,
If offends the Gods, because you don't want to kneel.

Days will pass when we question our love, our family, and innermost belief,
We drown in the ocean of betrayal, break the illusion as we hit the reef.
Then we will emerge, cleansed of expectations,
To build a new world, without the sorrow of generations.
We will watch the bird fly, and the apple fall again,
Start a new theory, build a new wishing well.

Such have been the days and such will be the days to come,
Where you give up all you were, pick up who you are, and smile at who you are to become!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just to Play

I do not remember the day I was born,
Like most of you, I just remember being warm,
Next to my mother and her fur,
A new life and joy to her.

Then I think you hand a fantasy,
To have me with you, because it was fancy.
They took me away when I was just two months old,
Crying and scared, away from her fur,
I was sold to you, apparently, you were better than her.

I do not deny you pamper me well,
But only when you want to,
When the the clock of life is not ringing its bell,
When it is convenient in your knell.

I am supposed to comfort you when you get lonely,
Just the way I feel without my parents’ company,
And I just expect the same from you,
Foolish me! You only play with me when you want to.

All other times, I should just sit and admire,
Your undying thirst for a worldly desire.
It makes you lonelier, and the more you need me,
For I am your best friend, whether or not I want to be!

You chain and discipline me, I should behave the way you want,
A soldier in your army, obeying your command and what not.
Have you ever wondered if you were taken away;
From your mother – just to play!
Then never given back, because I enjoy being with you,
A toy, a status, a pseudo idea in protecting and loving you.

Have you ever thought when you come home;
I have been lonely,
Dying to be warm with my mom and dad,
But you are tired and I should understand,
Be happy with the left over food you had.

Do not pretend you love me,
It is an insult to love,
To take away a two-month old baby,
Someone’s new born,
Then treat them the way you wish; at your sole pleasure,
And leave them on the street, if you wanted something better.

I hope you don’t ever have to live without your parents,
But I am a dog and who cares about my feelings,
You are human and get to play with someone’s life,

I am a dog, and that ends the matter!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Wonder...

When our lives are shaped, not by who we are, but should be.
When corporations make our dreams limitless,

And the means to achieve them limited.
When the meaning of conversation has just become a text,
I wonder if we have progressed.

When soldiers die in the name of patriotism; 
Victims of personal ambition, disguised as the political acts of a nation.
A little like Caesar for the people of Rome,
I wonder if have we given democracy or secured dictatorship at home.

When citizens are spied on in the interest of national security,
And killed in the name of religion.
Where history is modified to justify genocide,
And children are bombed to wipe out terror,
I wonder why God brought us here.

When relationships are calculated,
And business is about relationships.
I wonder what is success,
A true sense of achievement.
Where intelligence alone is not enough and we seek more,
A trip to Mars and space cars,
When we can't even put the real criminals behind bars,
We want life on a new planet; a new hell beyond the stars.

When a tragedy is just a statistic,
Our false sense of pride,
In a fake donation list.
When love is an emoticon,
Thrown away at a different song.
When our sadness is filtered by apps,
And happiness fails to relapse.
When we are so busy competing for a destination,
We forget the journey,
And just wait for the station.

Where the freedom to be yourself is so despised,
That we wear slave uniforms,
And celebrate adult franchise.
Where the oceans are wet with cries from within,
Stop spilling in the water, it's choking them thin.

When the media is just a pawn,
Bought and sold before each dawn.
I wonder what you hear is all the news,
Or just propaganda in their views.

Where trees are cut to make our homes,
Much like the women raped to satisfy hormones,
I wonder if this is all we got,
Humanity, thy name we forgot!

Monday, April 20, 2015


It has been some time now,
Since it first flew,
White wings, spread out against the blue sky,
Freedom beyond, the chains broken.

It is difficult to understand,
Why one would take to a cage?
When it could fly free.
Roam the world none have ever seen,
Yet it chose four corners,
A sense of comfort?
Or the idea of a home?
But only humans like corners,
The birds care about the warmth,
Not the location or shape.

It chose chains every time the door was open,
Teaching me, that freedom too was not black and white,
That freedom too, was just another perspective.
Lying low, mute to its true calling,
It chose what others value little.
But then again, the others were human,
Caged in the idea of their freedom,
Slave to their religion, technology and wants.

They often wondered why it never flew,
Became what it was supposed to,
Did someone ruin its younger years?
Or did it realize what the world holds beyond?
It guarded within the spirit of free air,
The same free spirit the humans yearn for,
A spirit unconstrained by money and possessions,
A spirit wild and carefree.
Is it possible it knew why the air hurt?
And that the promise was just an illusion
Or did it know that flying to nowhere is not always a destination.

Yet now, it decided to fly.
What changed? The wisdom redefined,
Or the innocence finally lost?
It tried to become what humans thought it was,
A bird born to scale the sky,
But it did not think it couldn’t,
The day it needed to.
Could it really be, that it became human?
Climbing, when it could fly,
Walking, when it could glide,
Full of desires, yet in the same place.

The freedom hasn’t changed,
The cage still the same,
It wants to scale the sky once more,
Chase the human dreams,
But like they get to know,
The bird too has realized,
It has been years now, since it first flew,

May be for the last time.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Being One

For all we humans are but the same,
We need food, shelter and light.
To live this holy life we got,
Sleep peacefully at night.
But then I think of why we try,
To be different in our deeds.
If all of us are just the same,
And need the things we need,
Then aren't we one as we breathe?

How everyday we try to succeed,
At succeeding to differentiate,
For a king is different from the common folk,
He eats in plates of gold and sleeps on fine oak.
The boss is different from his workers too,
He dresses in Armani and drives a BMW.
The lady across has jewellery worth a house,
The little girl has a pink flower drawn on her blouse.

The man with money will buy things that separate,
Him from his friends, the same people with whom he ate.
He will look down upon what they couldn’t be,
His expensive watch and shoes to see.
But all these people believe in being one,
Attending a charity night, giving out to the nuns.
But as they approach the stand to give,
Dressed in brands the little ones can't spell,
Do they not tell the world, they want to be distinguished,
With their brands, money, and status symbols.

All these people are liberal at heart,
No race, no color, no discrimination to start.
But I ask myself as I sit amidst it all,
In a world where success means to stand-out,
With symbols and power that shout itself proud,
Do we really believe when we look at the sun,

Through Ray-Ban shades, that we are all but one?