Monday, November 15, 2010

When You Wonder What Life Is

Once u know what life is,

You wonder if you've lived it.

Experienced the dew drops sprinkle,

Seen those tiny shining things at night twinkle.

You wonder if you've felt the river gush at you,

Fighting against brought out the soldier in you.

Have u played with beetles and caught them in jars?

Seen the winter frost change colour of cars.

Have u ever heard the spooky roar of the tiger on the hill?

Fallen down in ditches nature missed to fill.

Have u ever gone beneath the sea and looked at the sun?

Screamed your name to hear echoes from the Holy one.

Have u ever climbed a mountain and stood at the top?

Feeling the world in your hands, like a globe as a prop.

Have u ever heard the screaming silence of the valley?

The soft breeze; like a mother's touch, caring dearly.

Have ever seen a new born smile?

In a single moment chase your fears for miles,

Have you ever looked at the sky above?

Wondering what if you were a bird,

Have you ever felt the rains drops on your face?

The fragrance of a shower on the mud of the earth's furnace,

Have you ever lived life as light as a feather?

Not wondering where to go, yet with someone forever.

Have you ever wondered what life is?

And once you've thought about things big & small,

You look back;

Have I lived it at all?