Monday, October 7, 2013

The Truth In Our Lies

The poem represents a kaleidoscope of the struggles and strife that go on each day within every individual and makes an attempt to juxtapose them to world events marking similarities or differences in the two: 

There is a moment of truth in all our lies;
A silent hope; in all our cries.
There is some trust in promises we break;
Some faith in homes we make.

There is some anguish in an old tree,
Some chains, a bird sets free.
There is more to us when fears are bold;
Much like a story each one has never told.
There is solemn grace in a broken a smile;
A happier place within a mile;
But who would leave the corner stone;
Of a house full of fears into the unknown.
We seem to run from what is inside;
In the hands of shimmering figures, place our entire lives.
There are decisions one takes once and for all;
Then questions the hour glass as the sand falls.

There is on old man who watches too keen;
The trouble of our souls; the dreams not clean.
His hair turns white; like promises fade;
The world seems a much more horrid place.
A bomb goes off and thousands die,
The Gods on earth make a religious cry.
You wonder will it ever end;
The madness in calling each other friends.