Sunday, June 22, 2014

Being One

For all we humans are but the same,
We need food, shelter and light.
To live this holy life we got,
Sleep peacefully at night.
But then I think of why we try,
To be different in our deeds.
If all of us are just the same,
And need the things we need,
Then aren't we one as we breathe?

How everyday we try to succeed,
At succeeding to differentiate,
For a king is different from the common folk,
He eats in plates of gold and sleeps on fine oak.
The boss is different from his workers too,
He dresses in Armani and drives a BMW.
The lady across has jewellery worth a house,
The little girl has a pink flower drawn on her blouse.

The man with money will buy things that separate,
Him from his friends, the same people with whom he ate.
He will look down upon what they couldn’t be,
His expensive watch and shoes to see.
But all these people believe in being one,
Attending a charity night, giving out to the nuns.
But as they approach the stand to give,
Dressed in brands the little ones can't spell,
Do they not tell the world, they want to be distinguished,
With their brands, money, and status symbols.

All these people are liberal at heart,
No race, no color, no discrimination to start.
But I ask myself as I sit amidst it all,
In a world where success means to stand-out,
With symbols and power that shout itself proud,
Do we really believe when we look at the sun,

Through Ray-Ban shades, that we are all but one?