Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Wonder...

When our lives are shaped, not by who we are, but should be.
When corporations make our dreams limitless,

And the means to achieve them limited.
When the meaning of conversation has just become a text,
I wonder if we have progressed.

When soldiers die in the name of patriotism; 
Victims of personal ambition, disguised as the political acts of a nation.
A little like Caesar for the people of Rome,
I wonder if have we given democracy or secured dictatorship at home.

When citizens are spied on in the interest of national security,
And killed in the name of religion.
Where history is modified to justify genocide,
And children are bombed to wipe out terror,
I wonder why God brought us here.

When relationships are calculated,
And business is about relationships.
I wonder what is success,
A true sense of achievement.
Where intelligence alone is not enough and we seek more,
A trip to Mars and space cars,
When we can't even put the real criminals behind bars,
We want life on a new planet; a new hell beyond the stars.

When a tragedy is just a statistic,
Our false sense of pride,
In a fake donation list.
When love is an emoticon,
Thrown away at a different song.
When our sadness is filtered by apps,
And happiness fails to relapse.
When we are so busy competing for a destination,
We forget the journey,
And just wait for the station.

Where the freedom to be yourself is so despised,
That we wear slave uniforms,
And celebrate adult franchise.
Where the oceans are wet with cries from within,
Stop spilling in the water, it's choking them thin.

When the media is just a pawn,
Bought and sold before each dawn.
I wonder what you hear is all the news,
Or just propaganda in their views.

Where trees are cut to make our homes,
Much like the women raped to satisfy hormones,
I wonder if this is all we got,
Humanity, thy name we forgot!


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  2. I like the sense of irony in your lines. Beautifully penned down.

  3. I like the sense of irony on your lines. Beautifully penned