Monday, December 13, 2010

A Place of No Return

From where I began to where I am now;

What has changed?

What has gone and what has come?

What has ended from where it had begun?

From nowhere to nothing have I reached,

From dust to dust remained.

Time has traveled distance,

Moments and memories too,

But something has remained; the way it’s supposed to.

I’ve looked all around, to where I should go?

No clue, no sign nor feeling have I to lead me so,

The stars foretell a future, a destiny I read not,

My hand has lines that lead to where, I still doubt.

There’s something dying within;

Whose saving drug ain’t there,

Life’s battles are at hand,

And neither my sergeants nor soldiers there.

Fears are freezing and may be emotions go

But things have to go on,

Why, is not for me to know.

The trees have withered leaves,

The spring has them returned,

People have lost feelings,

Love has got them back unturned.

Nightmares have turned real,

Dreams are still dreaming,

What was expected to stay has gone,

What had to go; lived on.

Breakable threads have relations joined,

Broken promises stayed in mind.

No roads have changed, no paths have turned,

May be I’ve trod too far; to a place of no return.