Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Frost

All lost, all lost;

To that terrible frost,

Which froze those leaves in the wind,

That cool breeze after a warm day.

In the myriads of questions,

Some close, some far;

It froze those too,

Which were dearer than the heart.

No drops of rain,

No heat from the sun,

No childish play,

That was so much fun.

And out of the blue,

Like the morning dew,

It came from somewhere,

To stop all we do.

No sign of pain,

No thrill in joy,

No broken heart at a lost toy,

The frost, they say, had bit us cold,

Away from all we love to hold.

The morning sun,

The need for care,

All lost somewhere,

And left us bare.

It beats, yes, everday,

For whom or what,

It doesn’t say.

Some memories down the trodden lane,

The frost, they say, took all the pain.

All the joy & all things gay,

It bit us cold,

That is all they say!