Monday, September 21, 2015

The Time of Your Life

One day we will find ourselves between the cross hair of sacred and sin,
Looking back on our lives full of joy, or just an empty din.
We would have walked miles, hand in hand, with our friends,
Wondering if it would have been different, if we would have trusted them.

Some will smile and some will weep,
Some will forever with regret sleep,
Asking themselves if they were really alive,
Or just died everyday hoping to live.

There will come a time, when the judgment will be passed,
With morality and culture, duly sentenced to be thrashed,
For there is no greater sin, than to just do what you feel,
If offends the Gods, because you don't want to kneel.

Days will pass when we question our love, our family, and innermost belief,
We drown in the ocean of betrayal, break the illusion as we hit the reef.
Then we will emerge, cleansed of expectations,
To build a new world, without the sorrow of generations.
We will watch the bird fly, and the apple fall again,
Start a new theory, build a new wishing well.

Such have been the days and such will be the days to come,
Where you give up all you were, pick up who you are, and smile at who you are to become!

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