Sunday, August 8, 2010

He Wasn't There

When the dice of fate roll,
Would you question the game; your God; or your future told?
When in a lifetime of joys, there are moments of sorrow,
Would you give up on him; to whom you prayed each day for a brighter tomorrow.
In the myriads of questions would you seek an answer,
Or let him guide you; your best adviser.

When your kingdom falls and you have no place,
Would you still seek shelter in his holy grace?
When the tides are high and slap your face,
Would you still praise him; who always made you win each race.

When you wonder wither the winds of destiny would turn,
Would you try and change them? Or in your heart will his image burn?
On the glorious road, down that bright aisle,
When all you won, with all smile,
Did you think of him, who got you there?
But you fought with him,
When the dice rolled, and he wasn't there.