Monday, April 20, 2015


It has been some time now,
Since it first flew,
White wings, spread out against the blue sky,
Freedom beyond, the chains broken.

It is difficult to understand,
Why one would take to a cage?
When it could fly free.
Roam the world none have ever seen,
Yet it chose four corners,
A sense of comfort?
Or the idea of a home?
But only humans like corners,
The birds care about the warmth,
Not the location or shape.

It chose chains every time the door was open,
Teaching me, that freedom too was not black and white,
That freedom too, was just another perspective.
Lying low, mute to its true calling,
It chose what others value little.
But then again, the others were human,
Caged in the idea of their freedom,
Slave to their religion, technology and wants.

They often wondered why it never flew,
Became what it was supposed to,
Did someone ruin its younger years?
Or did it realize what the world holds beyond?
It guarded within the spirit of free air,
The same free spirit the humans yearn for,
A spirit unconstrained by money and possessions,
A spirit wild and carefree.
Is it possible it knew why the air hurt?
And that the promise was just an illusion
Or did it know that flying to nowhere is not always a destination.

Yet now, it decided to fly.
What changed? The wisdom redefined,
Or the innocence finally lost?
It tried to become what humans thought it was,
A bird born to scale the sky,
But it did not think it couldn’t,
The day it needed to.
Could it really be, that it became human?
Climbing, when it could fly,
Walking, when it could glide,
Full of desires, yet in the same place.

The freedom hasn’t changed,
The cage still the same,
It wants to scale the sky once more,
Chase the human dreams,
But like they get to know,
The bird too has realized,
It has been years now, since it first flew,

May be for the last time.

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