Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Letter To Our Daughter

If we can tell you what fear is,
But not what to fear.
If we can buy open land for you to run,
Than build a house with luxury. 
If we can cancel meetings,
To make it for your dance in the rain.
If we can show you the good in the world,
But caution you of the bad,
And then let you experience both,
Trusting you to make the right choice.

If we can let you get hurt,
But be there when you are in pain.
If we can let you love and lose,
And then make you believe in love again.
If we can judge you and your choices,
But restrain ourselves from interfering.
If we can just let you be.

If we can not burden you with our own expectations,
But let you chase your own dreams.
If we can learn from your experiences,
And be friends with your friends.
If we can provide all the comfort,
But not let you take it for granted.
If we can give you a hundred reasons to be there for us when we grow old,
But not to expect you to be.
If we can show you the beauty of creating two homes,
And not just care about us when you are married.

If we can not bind you in traditions,
But make you understand their fragrance. 
If we can grieve with you at a loss,
But instill the hope of a brighter tomorrow.
If we can provide you with everything you want,
But remind you to earn it.
If we can buy you new shoes,
But remind you of a man with no feet.
If we can make you believe in your destiny
And the lines on your palms,
Yet show you that even those without hands have a future.

If we can be your friends,
Yet maintain the distance,
If we can earn your respect and affection,
Than demand it.

If we can be all of this and more,
We hope you will enjoy life,
And not just succeed.
We hope you will remember, we tried,
At being good parents, 
And may be you will be a proud daughter.

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