Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Golden Word

Is it magical?
One word that all of us know,
That brings us alive,
That how many times we’ve repeated;
We don’t know.

Whenever we fall down,
Whenever we pray,
When we cry out loud,
Or sing in joy,
When fears turn towards us,
And strength we need,
Why do we think of none but one?
No other word but you.

The way you wrap us in your arms,
Hold us tight,
Protect us from dangers our infancy does not know,
The way you smile seeing us smile,
And wipe every little tear we cry,
The way you teach us to walk,
And if we fall,
None but you we call.

Why it seems to be the ultimate healer,
Our reason to smile, our pillar of support,
Our hope in dark days,
Why is it we think of none but you?
Every time we lose or cry,
Every time we go wrong or need another try.

You are all that we ever need,
The one we look up to,
You are a magician that fills all our dreams,
And somehow you don’t know,
All that you do for us,
We convey it all the time,
Every time we think of you,
Every time we say the golden word,
Every time we say "Mom".

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